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When someone says "What is your favorite MMORPG?" it's not easy to answer because there are so many to choose. Not surprisingly, I can't answer the question "my top five MMOs" the same way I answer it in the video game and music worlds. This question has always been much more emotionally difficult to explain than the others. There are a combination of reasons for this. I love a lot of different genres when it comes to video games and I love my own MMORPG that I created. There's a good level of personal bias that comes into the mix. There are also just so many games out there that I can't put any of them on any sort of order and leave any of them out.

The top five MMORPG I enjoy playing today are

Final Fantasy XIV

Star Ocean: The Lost Chronicles

Final Fantasy XI

World of WarCraft III

Ultima Online

There are many reasons for the order here. I believe many of you who follow me on Twitter & Facebook will already have an opinion on the top five but if not, then I'm happy to explain it out.

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I do get angry during MMOs. Even when I like them, it's still an emotionally charged time period. I think that is a big reason why some people enjoy playing RPGs and not others.

Final Fantasy XI came out when I was in middle school. The first time I logged on I was in awe of the world. While I never played the same game twice and while I often had a really hard time connecting and leveling, I had a really great time and a very long lasting enjoyment.

When Final Fantasy XIV came out back in 2011, I was really excited about it and I was immediately drawn into it but it wasn't long before I was annoyed at how long it took to level. My first time playing was hard. I had a whole party full of party members but we started dying too often. With the help of my friends we overcame that hurdle and from there I enjoyed playing much more and felt great when I was the one holding the group together. Unfortunately, it did take a while to get good at it.