Shooting Games

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Shooting Games are a class of video games where players use firearms as their weapon and must contend against hordes of armed opponents.


Shooting games are first mentioned in the 1990s. Since then, they have greatly evolved. Modern shooting games have become a lot more complicated with the introduction of realistic movement and targeting into 3rd-person games. These realistic movements come in form of animations, realistic weapon recoil, and different levels of gravity. Targeting games have also come a long way. From being an arcade-only release, the recent shoot-em-up genre has come in touch with more 3rd-person titles as well. The addition of more elements and realism has allowed these games to become a big business. In the year 2011, over 2 Billion dollars were made from the gaming market alone.


Shooting Games take place inside of the world of single or multiplayer gameplay. The player uses his or her in-game weapon to shoot his or her opponents. This allows for a sense of precision and accuracy. Many games have been made for singleplayer as well as multiplayer, as the use of different opponents such as a co-op or a Versus system.


One of the biggest things to look at with a Shooting Game is the player's movement. Many shooting games have very basic movement where the player simply can't move at all. Other games may have a large amount of freedom of movement. Most games have movements that allow the player to walk, climb walls, jump, slide, roll, and even dive to duck behind cover

Weapon movement

Many games will allow the use of a melee weapon rather than just a firearm. Melee weapons are typically not controllable to the degree of a firearm, but some games include them as a bonus.

Melee weapons usually move with the body similar to how a firearm would, with the exception being the gun being attached to or being moved via the firearm. This can be confusing for people accustomed to movement using a mouse because of the way the body moves, so in games with controls that allow for this such as the PC version of the Call of Duty franchise, the body will not move after you use the gun. (The "gun" is a grenade in this game).

The melee movement in most of these games can include crouching to avoid gunfire and jumping from cover to move towards or behind a target.

Game mechanics

Game mechanics usually refers